Studio Nitzan Tal is a branding and product design consultancy. 

We specialize in branding and branding strategy, digital and 3D design, illustrations and packaging. We serve clients from different fields: technology and innovation including startups in various stages, transportation, finance, education, medical, beauty and more.



Setting the project goals and defining the design based on core values and customer needs.


Creating a design that communicates the client's message accurately and intelligently through visual personalization.

Digital Design

Includes User Interface, User Experience design, website design and development on a range of platforms, supported by a skilled development team. Online campaigns on different media platforms. 

3D Design

From concept through design to prototyping and consulting for commercial production. 3D design from a wide range of materials and technologies. Process includes 3D simulations and molding experience.

Graphic Design

Based on the design chosen according to the branding strategy, the client’s needs and the target audience.  


Design and production of packaging to best fit  the product application, utilizing a wide range of materials, from conception to production.

3D Illustrations

360° 3D design produced to aid the concept creation . Can be supported by motion and programming.


To identify target audiences and prospective users, delve deep to understand the target market and its needs.


To define the project goals, values and key characteristics.  




Defining the overall design concept for a project through strategic analysis, research, and graphic conceptualization. 



Creating and rendering the various creative elements based on the concept, the materials and other execution constraints.



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Nitzan Tal

CEO & Founder

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Maya Grundman

Visual Communication Designer

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Coral Hamani

Visual Communication Designer

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Ilana Ben-Sadoun

Visual Communication Designer

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Inbar Ofer

Operation and HR Manager

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Keren Ovadia

Visual Communication Designer

Michal Gonen Itzhaki

Office Manager