Studio Nitzan Tal is a branding and product design consultancy. 

We specialize in branding and branding strategy, digital and 3D design, illustrations, and packaging. We serve clients from different fields: technology and innovation, transportation, startups in various stages, investment firms, educational institutions, medical, beauty care companies and more.



Setting the project goals and defining the design’s values and personality based on customer needs.


creating a design that communicates the client's message accurately and intelligently through visual personalization.

Digital design

we offer diverse digital services, including User interface and User experience design, website design and development on a range of platforms; and online campaigns on different media. The websites we built are supported by a skilled developer team.

Graphic design

based on the design chosen according to the branding’s strategy, the client needs and the target audience, we produce related corporate materials including brochures, conferences handouts, indoor and outdoor signage, and more.

3D Design

we also offer industrial design or 3D design in a range of materials (metal, wood and more) and technologies from concept through design to prototyping and consulting on production. The work is supported by 3D simulations and the design is anchored in our molding experience.


We design and produce packages according to the product’s application from a large range of materials, from conception to production.

3D illustrations

are produced to aid in the concept ideation and design process as well as for user manuals and product marketing before proceeding to production.

Printing Prediction

3D Prediction



we identify the target audience and the users, delve deep into the target market to understand it and chart the environmental needs.




we set the project’s goals, values, and personality.       

thinking, analysis, brainstorming, research, and strategic direction enable us to distill the concept for the project.

we create and render the various creative elements based on the concept, the materials and other execution constraints



Liron Shilian

Liron is a designer at 'Nitzan Tal' Studio and a Media Manager at Shenkar. She is a graduate of Shenkar College of Engineering and Design.


Danielle Chriqui

Danielle is a designer at 'Nitzan Tal' Studio. Graduated from Shenkar College of Engineering and Design.